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Selection and Recruitment


Procedure for Selection and Recruitment.

 The Employer is required to provide the following documents to proceed with the Employment case:

 1.Power of Attorney in favor of Pak-Arabian Manpower Services,
    Islamabad (specimen attached)

 2. Demand Letter (specimen attached).

             3. Letter to the Embassy in Islamabad/Consulate General of the country
                 of Employer operating at Karachi or Lahore (specimen attached).

 The Documents are required to be duly attested by the local Chamber 
 of Commerce, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of origin and
 Pakistan Embassy operating in that country. Upon receipt of the above mentioned documents, we get necessary permission from the Labor Department, Government of Pakistan for further processing.

The Demanded / Requested tradesí vacancies are advertised in the leading national News Papers duly mentioning the pre-requisites and selection criteria of the positions that is, qualifications, trade, experience etc. After  a thorough study, the received applications are screened and short listed for a preliminary test. The short listed Candidates are called in our office in Islamabad where we have all the facilities for the selection. The tests and interviews in the relevant trades are conducted by our specialized Technical Experts.

If our Principal (the Employer) intends for a personal or his/her team of the representativeís visit of our office in Islamabad, we present them the candidates who had already passed the preliminary tests. The final selection is then conducted by the Principal or his/her authorized team. All required assistance is extended to the Principal or the team to best of their satisfaction during the final selection process.

In case the Principalís representation is not convenient and we are authorized for final selection, we do take the charge. The final selection tests are again conducted by our Technical Experts. Where necessary, practical tests of the candidates are conducted to produce a fine merit list.

Candidates passing the final tests are thoroughly examined by the Medical Centers which are approved by Pakistan Government or Embassy of the host country whichever the case may be. A Medical Fitness report is issued to each candidate upon passing the specific medical tests. Equal to the number of candidates failing in the medical examination, standby candidates are sent for the tests for replacement.

Before we start further processing, the Principal is required to offer a signed Employment Contract, separate for each successful candidate. Three foils of each contract are signed by each candidate and counter-signed by the Protectorate Department, Government of Pakistan after stamping the Visas. Each foil of the contract is distributed as follows:

1.                  The Original Contract for the Employer.

2.                  Copy for the Government of Pakistan (under the rules).

3.                  Copy for the Employee.

With all the required documents in hand, we process the Visas, necessary clearance and authorization by the Protectorate Department, Government of Pakistan. Ticketing, air-line reservations and other necessary formalities are completed to meet the target date of departure of the candidates.

Usually, the whole process takes four to five weeks to complete after receipt of the initial documents from our Principal.

In some cases the work visa is issued by name of the Employee only. In such cases the visa processing is initiated by us immediately after receipt of necessary visa documents.











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