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Pakistan is located at a very strategic socio-political location. The geographic diversities of the land have all the natural features. From high peaks of Himalayas in the north stretching to the fertile agriculture plains of the central regions and to the deserts of south and to the coasts of Arabian Sea, Pakistan is a land of the natural beauties.  More than 150 million people living in such diversities certainly have different skills and capacities to work in any hard and soft environment. 

The export of manpower is one of the major industries of Pakistan. Itís the key element of contributing towards economic growth of the country. For last three decades Pakistan government had been striving hard to develop its human resources both for its domestic and needs abroad. At present, Pakistan has a big network of Universities, Engineering and Medical colleges, Polytechnic Schools and Vocational Training Centers. The competition is very hard, therefore, the products of these institutes is very fine. 

There is quite a large bank of highly qualified and well experienced persons in different walks of life. Pakistan has already supplied more than three millions of work fore to Middle Eastern and other countries. Pakistanis, by nature, are hard working, well behaving, intelligent and cooperative people. Pakistanis working abroad have proven their honesty, dedication to their duty and giving much better progress and productivity. These qualities have mad them most demanded manpower throughout the world. Pakistan Government has also given many incentives to the overseas Pakistanis to continue their jobs in best form of their performance.

Pak Arabian took full advantage of the above mentioned developments and facilities manipulating them to export the best manpower.   We facilitated the candidates for easy access to our Recruitment Center and fewer burdens upon them in processing their Passports, Visas and other Traveling formalities throughout the processing phase. Being a leading regional Pakistani overseas Recruitment Company, Pak-Arabian Overseas Employment Services, Islamabad is recognized for its efficiency, convenience and outstanding performance. To capture more market share, we have projected for more related services of the industry by offering Local Corporate recruitment, Training and Development of Human resources and Traveling Agencies. We have already exported manpower of almost all trades available in Pakistan. But our major trades in Civil, Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical Engineering and Hotel Industry, we supplied and qualified for a good reputation, are given below:

Provided the following work force specialized in civil structure, planning, designing, execution and commissioning of Industrial, commercial, Private and government buildings, Roads, Bridges, Chemical plants, Refineries, Power generation, transmission and distribution, Telecommunications and Hospital equipment including the following Professionals, Highly skilled, Semi and Unskilled:

Civil, Mechanical, Electrical (Power), Telecommunications and Chemical and Medical Equipment Engineers.  Land Surveyors, Building and Road Surveyors, Auto-CAD Draftsmen, Store Keepers, Steel Fixers, Shuttering Carpenter, Welders, X-Ray and Tic Welder, Grader Operator, Excavators, Shovel, Ruler and Dozer Operators, Drivers, Masons, Electricians, Plumbers, Ironsmith, Carpenters, Wood Craftsmen, Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Technicians, Computer Operators, Telephone Operators, Telephone Exchange Technicians, Microwave and Power Plant Technicians,  Copper, Co-axial, Fiber-Optic cable Technicians, Linemen and laborers. Hotel Staff including Managers, Cashiers, Waiters, Cook, Chef, Head Chef, House Keepers, Bell Boys, Receptionists, Computer Operators, Telephone Operators, Civil, Electrical Engineers, Air-conditioning, Refrigeration, Boiler and Chiller Technicians, Electricians and Telephone Technicians. 







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